What happened to Strixhaven?

Wolftelope9090 Posts: 6 Just Dropped In

Lemme say I've tried most events out there. Most are really fun

Fthblp events are neat if you want some easy runes and open some situational offers

Role Reversal might be underwhelming, but it helps to "level" some cards many would find useless, like haze of Pollen or Dawn of the Dead

And the other events are mostly neat (although I think maybe the Legacy Dominaria set gets too much love compared to others)

But now I'm thinking... Where is the Strixhaven-dedicated event? Why nobody has talked about this apart for a mention on the Wiki?

I really love the "learn" mechanic. It is not broken and "drafting" cards is actually fun. I want to get more into the lore there. Also, it reminds me of the better earlier aspects of the Harry Potter franchise.

I hope this gets read and we get a nifty event... just like the one Kaldheim gets with the mono-walkers