What happened to Strixhaven?

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Lemme say I've tried most events out there. Most are really fun

Fthblp events are neat if you want some easy runes and open some situational offers

Role Reversal might be underwhelming, but it helps to "level" some cards many would find useless, like haze of Pollen or Dawn of the Dead

And the other events are mostly neat (although I think maybe the Legacy Dominaria set gets too much love compared to others)

But now I'm thinking... Where is the Strixhaven-dedicated event? Why nobody has talked about this apart for a mention on the Wiki?

I really love the "learn" mechanic. It is not broken and "drafting" cards is actually fun. I want to get more into the lore there. Also, it reminds me of the better earlier aspects of the Harry Potter franchise.

I hope this gets read and we get a nifty event... just like the one Kaldheim gets with the mono-walkers


  • wraszowixuXuxi
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    When Strixhaven as a set for us got released, we got Live PvP instead of any event, and I think more focus on themed card packs. The theme packs did kinda have better odds at Mythics and Masterpieces, but one was probably not getting them unless buying from the Specials section of the vault or maybe getting them gifted through a content creator (I think that was happening, through GozMaster at least, by at least the following set, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, but not sure if it was a thing yet during STX).

    It is a shame though as there was fun stuff during Strixhaven. Learn, Invoke, Kasmina. It kinda opened up the idea of essentially having more than just 10 cards in your deck kit. The vanguards were nice too, and kinda got me saving pinks for them more often.

    Kinda had bounced an idea in one of the Q&As post-Jumpstart where if they ever decided to do another round JumpStart-esque event - with a legacy set card pool and getting the vanguards from entry as an alternate way for them - having it use Strixhaven could be an option, if that makes sense.

    But yeah, Strixhaven cards may be the trickiest to get atm, outside of straight buying card packs when they do come around, or hitting the Specials section as they seem to be running again. That Dragon bundle might be a deal for Velomachus and Tanazir, as the other ones are fun but a bit more niche with what else they compete with in Legacy.

    Who knows though, there might be more love for stuff Strixhaven when (if Wizards of the Coast sticks to the schedule they said) we get back to its plane of Arcavios in a couple of years, at the end of the current story arch.