No opponents offered in arenas

I started this thread in the Suggestions and Feedback forum. I thought it was actually a feature. But now I'm realizing that it may be a bug. So I'm linking to it here, rather than starting a whole new thread. Hope that's all right!
pumkin wrote:
Still 30 minutes left to the Ragnarok lightning round. I skipped a few fights and then I noticed that a new one didn't come up. I just had an empty circle. I chose one of the other fights. When I came out of that match, that second circle was also blanked out. Went into the last match and when I came out, I was on the Featured Events tab and Lightning Round was blanked out for me.

The only reason I was skipping fights was cuz the teams had low points. If I had known that skipping them would bring me to the end of the line and completely remove me from the competition, I wouldn't have skipped them. But it's just silly to lock somebody out of the lightning round for skipping too much. The teams should just recycle and start cycling through again.

Edit: Just now somebody attacked me and so I was able to go in and retaliate them. But the other two circles were still blank. And after that fight I was booted back out into the Featured Events tab again. All I have to say is ...

Humphrey wrote:
I had the same thing happen to me too.
Toxicadam wrote:
I don't know if it's a bug or a 'feature', but it happened to me last night also. I was able to exit to the main screen and come back and the circles reappeared.
pumkin wrote:
Happening now in Avengers Weekend as well. Exiting to the main screen did indeed make the icons come back. So maybe I should be posting this in the Bugs forum?

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