5* pvp team advice

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Not sure anyone will see this post here, but fingers crossed.

I need advice. I am in single 5* mmr and looking to push into 5* land proper. Thanks to the quests, I now have some iso to champ two more 5*.

* I want a functional team for pick-2 pvp.

* My single 5* can handle almost everything, but what they struggle with is Chasm. So, I would ideally want something that is good against Chasm and Chasm/iHulk to be able to survive in the meta.

My options:
BRB, Kamala, Chasm, Kitty, MThor, Wong, Gargantos, Riri, Kang, Okoye, (Loki, Strange). And SWitch, who is only at 9/13 but I could push her along with milestone shards.

What team would you recommend? Help appreciated.

Edit: Several weeks later and now it's no longer needed. Can't delete the post (it's kind of pointless to leave it up, since there were no replies anyway?), so I guess you can just... continue to ignore this. ;)


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    What did you end up going with?

  • AlexR
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    MThor/Riri - after someone on reddit helpfully explained and broke down to me how to MThor/Riri effectively so that you can beat Chasm and Chasm/iHulk every time.

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    How's that going? I'm in the same boat. Shang as my solo 5, need one more cover for Kang and Doc Thor from feeders, and am curretly working on Riri. Plan is to stay in solo champ MMR and then champ all three when I get Riri fully covered so I can handle PVP.

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    Honestly, fairly good.

    MThor/Riri can handle Chasm/iHulk consistently with AP boosts in pick-2 (+2 r/y, +2 bl/gr, +2 all).

    Ideally, you want to fire Riri's red (overcharged) and green right away if possible. That gets a bunch of charged tiles on the board for MThor's passive and stops damage and AP drain for a turn. Then you try to get them into a stunlock as fast as possible, which is somewhat board dependent but surprisingly consistent with the initial boosts.
    Usually, you can then let MThor slowly clear Chasm's abyss tiles away while you try to keep them stunlocked. After which, you kill Chasm first and then you're basically home free. No more AP drain! Just iHulk to clean up and probably a board full of charged tiles.

    I don't want to buy boosts (too iso starved), so that does mean I'm limited in going after them/not picking THAT many fights with them because I get my boosts from play only. But I know I can beat the meta whenever I need to which is a big relief. I've had fights against them where I took barely any damage other than on the required 3* and fights where either Riri or MThor got dented more. But I haven't lost yet. My biggest concern is forgetting to unequip the boosts after tbh.

    In pick-3 vs She-Hulk it actually gets easier, since She-Hulk isn't particularly threatening and you get an additional team slot.

    So yeah they unfortunately need boosts to overcome Chasm's AP drain in pick-2, but accepting that, MThorRiri works.