DrOck Rebalance Bug

fractalvisions Posts: 308 Mover and Shaker

3* Dr Ock was rebalanced a couple of months ago (yeah, I meant to post this earlier) so that his black creates 2 attack tiles whenever an enemy special tile is matched or destroyed. I've noticed two issues with it.
1. It also creates 2 attack tiles when a friendly countdown tile resolves.
2. When an enemy special tile is destroyed by a match 4 destroying a row/column, 6 attack tiles are created. (This one I've only observed once and haven't yet been in a situation to recreate it.)


  • DevpoolMPQ_BCS
    DevpoolMPQ_BCS ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 133 Tile Toppler

    Hey there! I'll check with our folks at QA to see if this is on their radar (and if not, put it there!)