OKTAGON Q&A Session - May 2023

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Hi everyone,
How are you?
Here's another Q&A SESSION.
We will answer the questions posted by May 31st, so please send your questions and doubts to the following link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeYqub9Qek-ycIeX8mddiH9MPqudIxeRfiNECZRaKCHHxDBGA/viewform.
Make sure to submit only 2-3 questions maximum, this way the team is able to focus and will try to answer all questions in a given month.

Thank you for all the support,


  • Janosik
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    The app is more unstable now than it's ever been, do you have any idea what's causing the crash to the OS that started to appear this year?

    Question also submitted via webform

  • Mainloop25
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    Please introduce a setting to the game that disables ALL animations, including tokens entering the board, and buffing animations. For us advanced players, we could always look at the battle log to see what happens if we need to, but animations take up way too much time especially when playing cards such as Tainted Adversary (zombie token animation), Rabble Rousing (token animation), and Jetmir (buffing animations). There is evidence of this possibility with the way that Academy Token reinforcement stacks instantly. So why not make this a thing across the entire game?

    (Also submitted via form)