Why did we revert to BRO revolving Planeswalk?

I’m pretty sure the majority would appreciate having the newest set. Was there a reason for the change?


  • Oktagon_Support
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    edited 5 May 2023, 18:38

    Hello @QuiksilverHg,
    We intend to rotate the versions of Revolving Planeswalk so that new players or even old players looking for specific rewards from other collections (DMU and BRO) can get those rewards.
    The most recent version of the event will always be available more often and for a more extended period, but in order not to get too repetitive we will alternate with the other available versions of the event 😀
    Also, we are currently scheduling the BRO version, but the newest version (ONE) should be back available shortly after that. Stay tuned!

  • QuiksilverHg
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    Hello @Oktagon_Support,

    Thank-you for the prompt reply, I appreciate the feedback.

    I can understand that there are some amount of people that would like to mix things in; but I imagine the vast majority would prefer the newest set. We are now at two weeks in a row of an old set that did not get rotated out since it appeared. Many of us got saturated on that set while it was in and would prefer the newest set.

    Perhaps we should do a poll to see what most people prefer…