Tier Lists; Experts Needed!

My fansite: https://quietse7en.com/

My Tier List is currently from MPQ.Fan's Google Sheet, but with so many new characters and rebalances, I'd like to add an "Experts" area with lists composed by individuals instead of polls.

If you're interested in contributing, I'll need some personal info:

  • Screenshot of your SHIELD Rank
  • Contact Info; a link to whatever contact(s) you prefer (email, d3, Line, Discord...)




  • SuperCarrot
    SuperCarrot Posts: 159 Tile Toppler

    What Shield Rank range are you looking for?

  • QuietSe7en
    QuietSe7en Posts: 14 Just Dropped In

    I'm not filtering by SHIELD rank (yet). I just need volunteers. Each contributor's rank will be posted so visitors may choose to ignore advice from less experienced players.