Yondu's Ravager's Ruse Bug

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Yondu's Ravager's Ruse states:

Destroy up to 7 AP in the enemy's highest AP pool, then create a strike tile of strength 70 for each AP destroyed.

I'm not sure what requirement it's looking for, but I wasn't able to fire it despite having 29 black AP. No error message, it just wouldn't fire. The AI had AP in every color. Maybe it wanted 7? I don't know.


  • stef_focus
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    edited 1 May 2023, 18:28

    From what I experienced, it seems to stop working after you have downed an enemy. 3 enemies: works fine. 1 downed and 2 left: doesn't fire.

    Edit: need more testing of this hypothesis... 2 downed 1 left worked again. Maybe downing a specific character is relevant... (on a different node downing 1 enemy had no effect)

  • Borstock
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    I wasn't able to find the right combination. I did find that I was usually able to fire it at least once. After that, it seemed to break randomly. I thought I had it figured out at one point when I saw I couldn't fire it during a match where the AI had no team-up AP. But that ended up not being true.

  • bigjojo04
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    It’s been going on for quite a while. I always use Yondu in DDQ and have experienced this problem for months now. And I have no idea why it won’t fire either.

    Doing the quests I found that sometimes it’d let me the fire the power either the next turn or a few turns later again but sometimes it just wouldn’t let me fire it at all and the enemy had tons of AP in every color at that point due to how long the match had been going.