Character Updates: Negasonic (Modern), Beast (AoA), Yellowjacket (Live 4/27)

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Hi all! Another batch of character updates for you to either explode or get your mad science on, as the case may be. Shall we get into it?

Negasonic (Modern)
Deal With It - 8 Green AP
Deals 116/276/428/732/954 damage to the enemy team and creates a 4/5/5/6/6-turn Countdown tile that, when matched or destroyed, creates a number of Charged tiles equal to the counter left on the Countdown tile.
(PASSIVE) Whenever you match or destroy a Charged tile, also destroy 1/1/1/1/2 random tile(s). (Does not generate AP.)

Updated: Deals 296/414/533/770/1293 damage (Max level 577/808/1039/1500/2423 damage)

This ability is fine for the utility, but does way too little damage per AP. So to fix this, we've updated the ability to raise the damage by about 40% at max level, and also flattened the curve on ability damage a bit so it's a little stronger at lower covers.

Thermonuclear Whatever - 9 Red AP
Negasonic Teenage Warhead throws a punch that explodes on impact. And after impact. Also before. Deals 370/533/675/1004/1786 damage plus 139/167/222/278/445 damage for each Charged tile you have matched or destroyed this battle up to a maximum of 6 tiles, then converts 1/2/2/3/3 random basic tile into a Charged tile.

Updated: Deals 417/601/761/1131/2013 base damage (Max level 812/1170/1482/2203/3920 damage). Bonus damage unchanged

Again, a decent hitting ability, but just a little underpowered for damage/AP. With a character that can provide easy Charged tiles instead of making them with just Negasonic, this can hit pretty hard for a relatively low cost Red ability.

Resistor - 6 Yellow AP
Negasonic Teenage Warhead sparks their powers to keep up the fight. Swaps 2 pairs of random basic tiles. For every Black tile swapped, converts 1 random basic tile into a Charged tile.
(PASSIVE) Whenever you make a Yellow match, Negasonic Teenage Warhead gains 220/269/356/467/786 health.

Updated: Heals 220/308/396/572/924 health (Max level 428/599/770/1113/1798 health). Added to Passive: "If Negasonic made the match, create a random Charged tile".

This ability's base utility isn't bad, and didn't really need a change, especially at higher levels as it swaps more tiles for more board shake, as well as more Charged tile generation. The Passive however needed a little bit of a boost in healing. We also added another method of creating Passive tiles in making Yellow matches. This gives Negasonic a good reason to be tanking and matching those tiles.

Beast (Age of Apocalypse)
Scientific Method - 8 Blue AP
McCoy’s experiments set in motion a dangerous chain reaction, proving that doing things the right way isn’t the same as doing the right things. Create 2 4-turn Red Countdown tiles that create 1/1/2/2/3 strength 5 Black or Green Attack tile(s) each turn. When this Countdown expires, stun a random target for 2 turn(s).
(PASSIVE) If a friendly match includes a friendly special tile, gain 1/2/2/2/3 additional AP.

Updated: Changed from creating Black and Green tiles to Blue and Green tiles.

The ability itself does what it needs to do in creating multiple Attack tiles relatively quickly as well as giving good AP returns on matching friendly specials. However, in creating Black tiles, it doubles up on the Black special tile creation done by his Black Passive. This changes it so that the doubling up doesn't occur.

Bleeding Edge - Black Passive
(PASSIVE) McCoy employs brutal techniques, sacrificing himself and others in the name of science. Friendly Attack tiles deal 10/8/5/5/5% less damage, but Beast’s match damage is increased by 14/18/23/35/57% for every Black AP you have. Whenever an enemy matches a friendly special tile, Beast creates 1/2/2/2/3 strength 15/15/15/21/21 Black Protect tiles.

Unchanged. With the alteration to Scientific Method, this now creates tiles on its own, generally just increasing his overall utility.

Blinded With Science - 9 Green AP
Beast shows no mercy to the weak, bombarding the enemy with every tool at his disposal. Deals Deals 324/324/842/842/1361 damage to the enemy team and converts 1/1/1/2/2 basic tiles to Blue Charged tiles.

Updated: Beast shows no mercy to the weak, bombarding the enemy with every tool at his disposal. Deals 324/324/842/842/1361 damage to the enemy team. For every 4/3/3/2/2 Protect tiles on the board, gain 1 Black AP. For every 4/3/3/2/2 Attack tiles on the board, gain 1 Blue AP.

Why was Beast making Charged tiles instead of Special tiles when his kit works around Special tiles? It'd be one thing if fellow AoA characters were using Charged tiles to power their abilities, but they aren't either. So we've updated this ability to instead synergize with his SAP tile creation to become a secondary AP battery along with the Passive on his Blue Scientific Method.

Yellowjacket (Darren Cross)

General: Updated Darren's match damage and health to modern character values. This also increases the base power of his abilities, which is taken into account in the below rebalances.

Cross Your Heart - 6 Black AP
Yellowjacket concentrates the Pym Particles in his suit to stabilize himself and prepare for his next attack. Restores 1029/1132/1235/1441/1852 health and the next time Yellowjacket fires a power, he also deals an extra 1668/1835/2002/2335/3002 damage.

Updated: Yellowjacket concentrates the Pym Particles in his suit to stabilize himself and prepare for his next attack. Energizes Yellowjacket, restoring 1661/1827/1993/2325/2990 health and adds 3544/3898/4253/4962/6379 damage the next time Yellowjacket fires a power. If fired while Energized, restores 150% more health and removes Energized.

The concept of storing up energy and firing it off in the next ability is a neat one, but it runs into two problems: First, that the only ability it can be used with is his Green, leaving not much in the way of an outlet. Second, that the boost itself isn't exactly earth shattering. It's not bad, but really only useful as an ability when it's being used to heal and combo right into the Green. With this change, it gives Darren the ability to increase a second heal with the same ability, giving a second outlet, as well as increasing the damage by over 100% compared to the previous version.

That Shrinking Feeling - 6 Blue AP
Yellowjacket shrinks down to avoid enemy attacks while concentrating his own power! Yellowjacket goes invisible for 2 turns.

(PASSIVE) While invisible, Yellowjacket's powers ignore Protect tiles and his matches and powers deal 191/306/458/764/1337 more damage. If Yellowjacket makes a Black, Blue, or Green match while Invisible, he stays Invisible for an extra turn.

Updated: Unchanged in effect, but it now adds to his base match damage instead of providing bonus match damage. While this doesn't change much when there are allies to hit, it means that if he's the last selectable enemy, he's going to be very hard to take down without someone to Stun or lock him out of this ability.

Sting Like A Bee - 9 Green AP
Yellowjacket sets his sights on the enemy, firing a series of energy blasts from his stingers. Fires 2 separate blasts of 843/843/977/977/1076 damage. If Yellowjacket is Invisible, also destroy 3/3/3/4/4 enemy Strike, Protect, or Attack tiles. (Destroyed tiles do not deal damage or generate AP.)

Updated: Deals 1772/1949/2126/2481/3190 damage. (Max level 7122/7834/8546/9971/12820 damage)

The original idea for this power was that it would do two hits and double dip on Strike tiles, plus be powered up by Cross Your Heart. However, due to a technical limitation, Cross Your Heart only applied once, essentially halving its effectiveness. This technical limitation is a bit too deep to root out, so instead we've increased the damage of the ability itself to compensate. So now it'll be blasting away twice for some decent damage while still getting the improved damage (once) from Cross Your Heart) if available.