Rebalanced 5* Magneto red power not working against Web and Abyss tiles

From the rebalance post, it was stated that the Red power that got rebalanced would be able to destroy Abyss and Web tiles as they got created.

being able to blow up any new SAP, Web, Abyss, etc. as they get created for a few turns can be super powerful and well worth losing the use of one of your team members for a bit.

This doesn't seem to be working as intended. I used 5* Magneto and 5* Colossus this morning in pvp vs a 5* Spider Man and 5* Chasm team and when i finally got enough red AP to use Magneto's red power, it did absolutely nothing every turn that Chasm put out Abyss/Web tiles and whenever Spiderman put out web tiles. This cost me the game as I had thought that this would be a great counter to Chasm. I invested a lot of time and money when i saw that Magneto was rebalanced because I thought it was going to be a solid counter to the Chasm meta. Please fix this ability to correctly destroy Web and Abyss tiles as they get created while Magneto is airborn. We really need a solid counter to Chasm! Thanks