Rares in Battles from the Ages

I would like to suggest that you take rares back out of the card pool for BftA. We went from having a guaranteed 500 or more orbs per duplicate to now having a one in three chance of only 100 orbs. This hurts all players of course but definitely hits F2P players who rely on orbs for crafting missing mythics. The event still has great rewards but they have definitely been watered down.


  • Kmiesse
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    Came here to say exactly this. Used to really look forward to BftA for pink jewels and crafting orbs, but I’ve gotten hosed with these awful rare cards 5 of the 8 times I’ve played through BftA, missing thousands of crafting orbs. BftA is really the only way to get any measurable amount of orbs, and orbs are the only reasonable way for new players like me to catch up on cards that are still in rotation, but don’t have regular rewards.

    It’s ruined 70% of the excitement of the event for me personally. I don’t want to slog through 7 battles for 100 or 150 orbs. And these rares will continue to be in the event, ruining the pool for every instance of BftA in the future!? My disappointment is immeasurable.

  • Smokincookz
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    It was a dirty move from the likes of Scrooge McDuck and The Grinch. Always looking to take away anything with decent rewards...

  • Metroplex78
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    Please take them off, they don't belong there.

  • Sythe200
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    I would like to reiterate that rares don't belong in BFtA. I just ran the event six times and got a rare 5 times. With a supposed drop rate of 33% that seems a little fishy.

  • Metroplex78
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    Come on, new overlords, we are awaiting changes, good ones.

    TIMEWARP Posts: 51 Match Maker

    I d like to add my dissatisfaction with there being rares in the BoftA rewards pack. They add a serious feel bad moment when you are hunting for orbs, especially as a free to play veteran