Coalition Event Perfect Streaks

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In the world of top 10 coalitions and the 200-some odd players that play for those coalitions, there is a new challenge being played. How long can you keep a perfect streak going? Getting a perfect score is very common these days, but a string of them together for weeks and weeks, sometimes stretching even months, defies explanation because we all know how unstable this game can be. A crash and a freeze can hit anyone at anytime, ok maybe only at a specific time, like at :55, 5 minutes before the top of the hour ;-p

Yesterday, after the Family Business event has ended, it became official. A new perfect streak record has been set. A mind-boggling 34 consecutive events of avoiding a catastrophic cascade from Greg to unload a fatal blow, a crash to home screen while sorting your hand, or a card that won't leave the screen, blocking your view of the gem board. Perfection stretching over 7 months, starting from Aug 14, 2022, earning 8,521 ribbons with 8,521 at stake. Congratulations FCLedZep of BlackLotus! What an incredible achievement!

Here is the leaderboard of top 20 players with their current perfect streaks:

Here is a full recap of player perfect streaks over a period of 3 years presented as a bar chart race


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    Great job on the data as always Larz ^_^

    It's a shame tho that one of the majors factors in ending streaks has always been, and remains, the app freezing or crashing

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    Adding a list of players who have achieved a perfect streak of at least 13 perfects in a row.

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    Wow Larz,
    you never cease to amaze me with your dedication to tracking the data and sharing the accomplishments of players!

    Congrats to FCLedZep on that incredible accomplishment and thank you Larz for bringing it to everyone's attention. My heroes! 😉

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    Thanks Larz! Seems I still have some work to do... I hope they fix the seed gem **** before that lol.