D3jected is recruiting for our family!

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For a newly formed team, we’ve had a sharp rise!

We’re a group of scrappy newcomers and battle-hardened veterans and we value the wisdom of both.

If you are stuck in your ways or unwilling to listen to your elders, this is not the team for you.

We are fighting our way into the top ten leaderboard each week at a time and we have room for you.

We coordinate with Larry’s FTA mega group so there’ll always be a place for you, no matter what level you want to play at.

Our ideal teammate will be open to workshopping decks in our discord server and will bring their enthusiasm and strange new combos to chats!

Come help me break the game! https://youtube.com/@mainloopbeats

https://discord.gg/DqkQUTZ6 (please @ me if the link expires)