Release Notes 6.1.0

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What’s New

New Mechanics:
Toxic and Phyrexian Toxin
“When this creature deals combat damage to your opponent’s planeswalker, create a number of Phyrexian Toxin tokens equal to this card’s Toxic Value under your opponent’s control.”
Toxic hint

Phyrexian Toxin (Colorless)
Support Card (Indestructible)
Token, Can't be destroyed
At the beginning of your turn: If this support has 20 or more reinforcements — You lose all your life.
Phyrexian Toxin hint

Toxic is a numerical evergreen exclusive to creature cards. When a creature with Toxic deals combat damage to a player’s planeswalker, a number of Phyrexian Toxin tokens equal to the damaging creature’s Toxic Value are created under that player's control. Those tokens cannot be removed in any way and, at the beginning of their controller’s turn, if they have enough reinforcements, that player loses all their life. Toxic is designed to work as an alternative win condition that does not depend on the players’ life totals. There are a few effects that can create Phyrexian Toxin tokens under a player’s control besides Toxic.

Oil Counter
“When this card gains Oil Counter, the value is added to its current value. If this card’s Oil Counter would be reduced to 0 — Instead: This card loses Oil Counter”
Oil Counter hint

Found both in creature and support cards, Oil Counter is a numerical evergreen. While it does not have any effect by itself, the evergreen value has various purposes. It can act as a fuel to many cards’ abilities (that diminishes as it is used) or a value for various effects and also allows for interactions among cards and other mechanics of the set. Cards on the set do not have this as an inherent evergreen but may have effects that grant Oil Counter to itself or other cards. Overall, the more Oil Counter Value a card can get, the better.

“When you Escalate, your cards with Oil Counter gain Oil Counter 1 and an opposing support named Phyrexian Toxin is reinforced."
Escalate hint

Escalate is a hinted effect that can be triggered in many ways by all kinds of cards (creatures, spells and supports). Once triggered, the player's cards with Oil Counter will increase their Oil Counter value by 1 and, if the player’s opponent has a Phyrexian Toxin support, that support is reinforced. This mechanic is essentially always paired with the Proliferate Mechanic. While Proliferate affects the players’ Buffs, Vanguard and Saga cards and Loyalty, Escalate will work with this set's new mechanics in a similar fashion.

                                      For Mirrodin!
     “When this support enters the board, create a Red Rebel token."
                                   For Mirrodin hint

For Mirrodin! is a simple hinted effect that triggers when certain equipment support cards enter the board. It creates a Rebel token, a 2/2 red Rebel creature with Bravery. For Mirrodin! adds utility to equipment cards and enables more support focused strategies.

New Planeswalkers
Koth, Fire of Resistance

Born on the plane of Mirrodin, the planeswalker Koth commands the power of the earth and magma. He witnessed his native plane being forcibly transformed into New Phyrexia and did all he could to keep the fire of the Mirran Resistance up against overwhelming odds. As Phyrexia prepares to expand massively and the war is about to reach its climax, Koth feels this might be the right moment to strike and destroy his people’s oppressors for good.
Passive Ability
Rebellious Landscape
When you match a Land support's gem: Destroy 2 non-Red gems. This effect can trigger up to 2 time(s) per turn.

Mirran Mountain
(Red) Support Card (4) Token, Level, Can't Be Reinforced. This support can't be reinforced.

At the beginning of your turn: Destroy X non-Red gems. X is 2 plus the number of Land supports you control. This effect can trigger only once for all cards named Mirran Mountain you control.
When you match 3 or more Red gems: If this support has the Forge Emblem — An opposing Vanguard support loses Y shield. If it can't, deal Y damage to the first opposing creature. If you can't, deal Y damage to your opponent's Planeswalker. Y is equal to this support's Level. This effect can trigger up to 3 time(s) per turn.

Kaito, Dancing Shadow
The cyber ninja Kaito Shizuki planeswalked to New Phyrexia to aid the Gatewatch on their uphill battle against Elesh Norn. He will put his telekinetic and ninja skills to good use as the planeswalkers aim to end New Phyrexia’s multiverse invasion in one swift and dangerous move. This is the kind of risk Kaito is willing to take to keep his friends safe.
(Colorless) Creature Card (2/2) Token, Deathtouch, Berserker

When this creature is dealt combat damage: Your opponent loses 2 life and you gain 2 life for each 1 damage it was dealt.
When this creature is destroyed or exiled: Your opponent loses X life and you gain X life. X is equal to this creature's power.

Kaya, Intangible Slayer
A skilled duelist and assassin, Kaya's sense of justice led her to help and protect people from many different planes. With the ability to turn herself partially incorporeal, she tries to make sure everyone gets what they truly deserve, even the dead! Finally, Phyrexia’s time for retribution has come and Kaya is ready to settle this score.
White Spirit
(White) Creature - Spirit (1/1) Token, Flying

Lukka, Bound to Ruin
Able to form bonds with creatures from across the multiverse, Lukka has a deep resentment with his home plane of Ikoria as the people he wished to protect with an army of monsters rejected him. Fortunately, he was able to bond with a centaur hulk from New Phyrexia. Their connection was so strong they eventually fused, becoming one Compleat entity. Maybe Lukka will show the people of Ikoria they made a huge mistake once all become one.

Phyrexian Beast
(Green) Creature Card (3/3) Token, Berserker, Toxic (1).

Enhancing Link
(Red, Green) Support Card (4) Token, Level
At the beginning of your turn: If you have a Creature card in your hand that can gain mana — You may pay 3 life. If you do: The first Creature card in your hand that can gain mana gains X mana. X is equal to 3 plus this card's Level. When this support's gem is matched: The first creature in your hand gets +2/+2."

Nahiri, the Unforgiving
The Lithomancer Nahiri used her powers over stone and metal to keep all she loved safe at any cost. When the threat of New Phyrexia rose, she planeswalked there with the Gatewatch strike team to stop Elesh Norn’s invasion plans. During the fight, she was infected with Phyresis and sacrificed herself to save the other planeswalkers. As she is resurrected and Compleat by the phyrexians, there is a new clarity to her objectives: what if Phyrexia is the best way to protect all she loved?

New Events

  • Of Machine and Freedom
  • Event Type: PvP, Coalition
  • No Entrance Fee
  • Deck Restrictions: Standard
  • Rewards: Progression, Rank
  • Number of nodes: 2 nodes, each with a single support that is owned by the player.
  • Initial Charges: 4 | Max Charges: 14
  • Recharge Time: 23.5h
  • Event Duration: 46h
  • Recharge Quantity: 3

Added a version of Phyrexia: All Will Be One (ONE) to all Revolving Planeswalk events, for details, please check this link.
Will have new Initial Charges, Recharge Quantity, and Recharge Time in the following Coalition Events:

Of Machine And Freedom (PVP) - Coalition
Family Business (PVP) - Coalition
The Kamigawa Run (PVP) - Coalition
The Harvesttide (PVP) - Coalition

Initial Charges: 2
Recharge Quantity: 1
Recharge Time: 8

Initial Charges: 4
Recharge Quantity: 3
Recharge Time: 23.5

Fixed the issue where the Planeswalker Tyvar, Jubilant Brawler was missing art.
Fixed the issue where cards with adventure type could only be cast as a spell if you replaced some creature (just in cases where the board already had 3 creatures).
Fixed the issue where if you cast an adventure card as a spell when replacing another creature, the card returned to the player's hand on both sides of the card.
Fixed the issue where the card Maestros Charm was destroying the first three selected cards.
Fixed the issue where the card War Ender displayed keys in the description.
Fixed the issue where the card Mishra's Madness was not dealing damage to the opposing planeswalker.
Fixed the issue with the Planeswalker Teferi, Temporal Pilgrim's second ability level.
Fixed the issue where all BRO Events had keys in their titles, descriptions, and loading screens.
Fixed the issue where the cards War Ender and Herald of Phyrexia's effects were triggering when they shouldn't.
Fixed the issue where the event Revolving Planeswalk: Battle Cry of the Furious displayed an overlapping art for the Bonus Rare Card reward.
Fixed the issue where the card Fateful Handoff could be cast without any creature or support on the battlefield.
Fixed the issue where the card Sigarda, Champion of Light, was not giving full mana to Human cards.
Fixed the issue where it was possible to join a Revolving Planeswalk event without having a Planeswalker for each color.
Fixed the issue where the third effect of the card Herald of Phyrexia was not stacking.
Fixed the issue where the effects of War Ender and Herald of Phyrexia cards were not permanent.
Fixed the issue where all Revolving Planeswalk (BRO) events unlocked the wrong node after winning a battle.
Fixed the issue where Torens, Fist of the Angels creates the wrong Token.
Fixed the issue where the Journal Quest about opening Standard Packs considers Legacy Packs from Booster crafting.