Making iHulk as annoying as possible



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    Mine's near 500, so not in the stratosphere, but Hulk/Thanos remains excellent in pick-2 PvP. Thanos doesn't much care about Hulk's team damage, and Hulk doesn't care about Court Death at all. One of my favorite tricks is using the friendly Court Death damage to kill Hulk -- instead of being stunned he just immediately resurrects.

    Basically a very high-level Hulk presents a clock. His AoE is constant and it's a ton of damage each turn. It doesn't rely on Okoye or another booster. He also can't be dealt with first, so you want to pair him with some other guy who's tough to kill. While they're dealing with that guy, Hulk is socking them for 20,000 AoE every turn.

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    He is a pretty good green battery, though he need not be high level to serve that function. I know I've seen rosters that have him at 550 floating around in PVP, and of course he is not the only such character a on a roster like that. I'm not sure if any of those players are active here in the forum to speak on what, if anything, they use him for or who they use him with.

    There are characters you kind of wish he'd be good with, like Loki who has a revive and a green outlet, and with Gladiator Thor who most seem to try and keep tamped down a bit in level also due to the risk/reward on him having low health, but who has a solid green outlet.

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    He was in Latest with Apocalypse (yes, really), and that set was the first consensus group of strong characters released after the long post-Gambit-nerf lull in 5* quality. The optimizers started hoarding during that lull, and the first really big hoards got broken on that set (+ Yelena).

    So there are a few floating around, but hoarding hadn't quite gone mainstream just yet, so there are less of them than 550 SW/Colossus pairs, and much less than Chasm/Thor pairs.

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    So I have my shards and am not champing at this time - my options are 5/4/4 or 5/5/3 - any reasons for one over the other? I am leaning towards 4 in red as it is an extra 2k damage without an increase in self damage but then the jump in revival match damage for 5 in black is quite high and the self damage seems to come down a bit?

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    You want him to get as little increase on match damage per death as possible.
    Chasm should keep tanking.
    5/4/4 then.

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    Yeah unfortunately without champing 5/3/5 not possible. :(