Welcome Scofie as our new mod!

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Firstly, I want to thank @Sekilicious for stepping into the mod role last year and being such a great contribution to our forums. Unfortunately, he has decided to step away from the role so we've got some big shoes to fill!

Luckily, we've got some great candidates and I'd like everyone to join me in welcoming @Scofie as our newest mod on the team! He obviously he's not a stranger in these neck of the woods so there's not much of an intro needed. :)


  • Bad
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    Welcome scofie. May the gods of wisdom guide your warnings henceforth.

  • Zarqa
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    Welcome @Scofie and thank you @Sekilicious !

  • Sp1d3r
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    Welcome 😁

  • Caracticus
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    Welcome, Scofie!!

  • Seph1roth5
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  • DAZ0273
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    Oh, yes, I did notice before and only just saw this thread! I look forward to getting a well deserved removal of my posts and/or warnings in future! Go go, Scofie! ;)B)

  • Yepyep
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    Well, @Scofie , y'all sure picked a sweet week to start. Trial by fire, as they say.

    Well done, so far. This support stuff is a pretty treacherous reef to navigate through.

  • DeNappa
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    Good luck Scofie and thanks Seki for your modding efforts!

  • EienRyuu
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    Well, goodbye @Sekilicious and welcome @Scofie! :)

  • Scofie
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    Thanks all for the welcomes. A good week indeed! Reading all the posts, diverse views and insightful experiences reminds me what a great community and great game we all share.

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    Welcome Scofie !!!
    I'm a bit late hahaha, nice to see new people here :)