Guide to the BRB/Polaris Protect-Tile Winfinite



  • anikava
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    edited 7 April 2023, 19:44

    I believe you should consider Abomination as worty alternative.

  • MoosePrime
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    Abomination doesn't work when there are no basic green tiles.

  • Sp1d3r
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    5* jane thor works great with these 2.. my thor and BRB are only at 8 covers but I still win 99% of my pvp sim battles

  • MirrorKnight
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    I would add in 3* Doc Ock as viable for the third team member.
    Manipulation swaps 32 tiles around for 11 Blue, frequently making 2-3 matches, and then destroys all swapped SAP tiles.
    While the 11AP is a higher start-up cost than some others, a well populated board can deal 20k+ damage per activation.
    With this combo I was 1-shotting Apoc in the last boss fight up to round 6 or 7

  • Sp1d3r
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    Never tried that I'll have to give it a go... I managed this with them 2 and thor which I was really happy about 😁

  • JaGo
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    I may have missed it, but I’m surprised you didn’t include 5* Storm. Her green can target and destroy any color you want (the color with the most protects currently) and her yellow makes any color you need, probably almost exclusively green in this case. It’s been very reliable for me. Like other versions of this team, it can be slow.

    Build 3/5/5


  • Alex502
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    Came to say that 4 star Wolverine is not a bad choice, but if you're aiming for that board shake it's really best to throw his yellow out before his green or black, you'd really want the extra tile destruction and cascades from that added in, so he brings his full kit of colors to the board. Big down side is that his only battery effect is through Black, which can leave you lacking in a color you want. shrug he's a good choice for 4 Star Land players, not a bad choice when boosted for higher, but there are more effective 5 star choices that don't need to throw all three powers to be really effective. However, Brolaris is fairly easy on the actives and colors, you're only using Blue/Green anyway, so adding the Black/Yellow is a nice outlet.

  • Alex502
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    Also consider Dark Beast as alternative: His green makes Blue Charge tiles which are nice, he makes Protect tiles whenever the enemy matches your SAP's, and he generates AP in the same color you match with your own SAP's. He's an EXCELLENT option here.

    PS: He's probably at best build for this at 3/5/5, you wanna throw BRB's blue before his anyway.

  • ShionSinX
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    Supports - Starting with protects makes Carol's Communicator a top pick, plus the heal on matching special tiles (also on Lucky). Put those on your tank, most likely BRB.
    The next most useful are going to be those that give you green AP at the start - Yaro Root and Atlantis as examples. Finally, and only if those other options aren't available, is damage boosts. Atlantis qualifies again, but so does Taskmaster's sword . Note that the damage boost is best on your green-power spammer, not Polaris. Once you start winfinite she won't start have another start-of-turn to do passive damage.

    Im confused about this part. Atlantis/Taskmaster Sword works on Polaris purple, which triggers everytime you fire the tile destruction power and hit the protect tiles and also if that causes any extra match with other protect tiles (thus making even more protect tiles).

    Meanwhile if you give it to the character who uses the tile destruction power it will never trigger more than once per power used, and supports's bonus damage is fixed anyway so its no like giving it to a 5* partner would give you more damage.