Release Notes 6.1.0



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    @Oktagon_Support said:


    • Fixed the issue where cards with adventure type could only be cast as a spell if you replaced some creature (just in cases where the board already had 3 creatures).
    • Fixed the issue where if you cast an adventure card as a spell when replacing another creature, the card returned to the player's hand on both sides of the card.

    Node 3 of Fables of Eldraine is crashing A LOT. Crashed twice in a row when I played it (third time was ok), also crashed twice in a row when I played it with my 2nd account. All game actions ceased (although pause menu and battle log were still working). Always seems to happen on my turn, after I've cast my cards. No obvious card in play that's causing it.

    Greg's deck in this node features Adventure cards. I am suspicious.

    Also, Curious Pair (node 5) seems to be casting a lot of Curious Pair/Treats to Share. Like, A LOT. I've just watched him cast 2 of them, 3 turns in a row. He shouldn't be able to do that should he?