Ant-Man and Wasp are Buggy and Need fixing!

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I posted this same thing in the Bug's thread, but because I suggest remodeling Ant-Man's powers, I thought I'd post here too.

So I just used Ant-Man and Wasp together, and they're a great example of good ideas ran without proper testing.

I just used Ant-Man's yellow, creating several swarm tiles. These red swarm tiles hide their countdown value, do not show any information about the effect in place when the tile is selected, and if the swarm tile on top is consumed, the countdown completely misfires when it goes off. It also doesn't stack for damage unless the tiles have the swarm lock on them. This is all very counter how his power used to work, and creates a lot of inbalance in playing his powers in combination with Wasp's. Also Ant-Man's Blue passive does not work, he does not steal any tiles.

Next, to point out, I had several swarm tiles on the board from Wasp's passive blue (which does not follow the statement of "creating a swarm tile of it's color" instead it creates a random colored swarm tile) and so after using Ant-Man's yellow as well, there were at least 8 swarm tiles on the board. I had no SAP tiles, and wanted to see what happens when I use Wasp's yellow to create new S+P tiles when there were a bunch of swarm tiles out already. Answer: it consumes all the swarm tiles, and then makes no S+P tiles. Total failure.

The overall idea is great, but the execution needs cleaned up. I suggest changing Ant-Man's blue power completely:

Passive Only -
For each color of swarm tile on the board, steal an enemy SAP tile of the same color and improve its value. When there are 10 or more swarm tiles, consume them all and deal team damage.

I think his yellow needs rephrasing too: create fewer countdown tiles than before. Each turn, they create random colored swarm tiles. When they reach zero, create strike tiles then deal damage for each color of swarm tile on the board.

The other glitches need addressed, but this change would clean up the duplicated ability between his purple and blue, give him the ability to get swarms on the field and take advantage of them staying on the board, and finally when there's enough ants for a full blown attack, they unleash. I really think this specializes his powers without taking away his effects, or regearing him completely.

The obvious errors need fixed regardless, but something like the change I suggest is really needed to make this more cleanly effective.


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    Antman’s blue has been fixed. It steals tiles now.