Revolving Planeswalk (RP): Thoughts and Prayers

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Let's start with some positive Thoughts.

  1. The devs have heard the community and made it possible to get full progression with just 5 matches.
    In Across Ixalan you can do it in 3 matches, just saying.

  2. The rewards are decent enough for 5 matches: 15 jewels, 20 crystals (if you count the entry fee), 12000 stones, a Booster Pack and a Rare card.

Now, some Prayers.

  1. The Node order. No matter what is the Event Color, the order of Nodes is always the same with one difference: the Event Color is swapped with the White Node.
    That means that Blue Node will be 2nd in 4 out 5 event rotation and 1st in 1/5 (when it's the "main" color). Same goes for Black which will be 3rd color in 4 out of 5 and 1st in 1/5.

That means that Dakkon who has access to the first 3 colors will be dominating the event, making it over-repetitive (Dakkon duels with no end). Only two rotations won't allow using Dakkon in the first Node, but then you can finish off the event with Dakkon, because he will always have access to at least 2 out of the 3 first nodes.

I would suggest changing the Node order in the WUBRG order starting with the Event Color. Meaning that, for example, on the Red variation of the event you go Red -> Green -> White -> Blue -> Black, and on the Green variation you go Green -> White -> Blue -> Black -> Red.

  1. DMU Boosters supply. The original version of RP was the most reliable source of DMU cards. After the event got changed to BRO, you can only get DMU Boosters from Fblthp. While BRO now has both RP and BtP. I'd love to see either two variants of the event run simultaneously (same as 2 versions of TG), or have some of the stone rewards replaced with DMU boosters/cards.

  2. Objectives. In BRO edition the only objective that doesn't sit well with me is "Resilient" (3 or less damage taken). The Bladecoil Serpent is very meta right now, and it has Haste. And spells like Exquisite Firecraft exist. I don't say it's impossible to have that objective completed, I just don't think it's a game-wise healthy objective.

And if we do get the DMU version of RP, I'd love to see Evergreen reqs batched in one objective (like "Cast 2+ creature with Flying and/or Defender") + a generic colored objective, shared with the BRO variant. Like, for Black Node you'd have:
Objective 1: "Win the fight!"
Objective 2: "Millstone" (X+ cards in Greg's graveyard)
Objective 3: DMU - Cast X + creatures with Deathtouch and/or Menace (not sure what word would encompass these two: Dire/Pestilent?), BRO - "Foundry".



  • QuiksilverHg
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    I agree with changing node order change needed, and that under 3 dmg is absurd (I’d also argue 12 plus cost is a really high bar to clear, maybe 9 or 10 would be better)

    I disagree with not updating the pack rewards though. By the time 3 months have gone by, I’ve collected enough of that set, and would much prefer the new set. I had stopped playing this event entirely until I noticed they had updated it and I could get rewards from the newest set

  • Theophilus
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    Just voicing my two cents in the off chance that this is read by someone who actually has decision making influence.
    1. I totally agree that the whole color wheel should actually rotate. It's annoying that it doesn't.
    2. I like challenging objectives that I can control. The 12 plus cost is fine, but the 3 or less damage is mostly luck based. Oh, please _NEVER _include kill x creature objectives ever again in any event.
    3. Keep giving the packs from the latest set.
    4. I hope the plan is to continue updating this event's rewards and objectives for each future release.

  • Barnabes
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    I’m actually ecstatic about the change in packs we get from the event and the change in goals. When the BRO came out DMU became craftable which means the boosters are less meaningful, getting more BRO cards every day is welcome. The change in goals is also welcome as playing the same decks vying for the same goals gets boring. Hopefully this event will continue to change every few months.

    Full agreement about the 3-life requirement which makes success a gamble more than anything.

    Don’t really care about the color wheel since I find the blue and black nodes easy to complete so having them up front is more convenient for me. When red and green are dominant I just focus on doing them for variety.