Ice Man: Build a Snowman changes Whiteout's Cost

JaredKreft Posts: 10 Just Dropped In

WhiteOut costs 8 green AP on Iceman until you use Build a Snowman, then it costs 12 as long as the tile is on the board.

Neither ability says anything about this.


  • Nightglider1
    Nightglider1 Posts: 701 Critical Contributor

    Who do you have him teamed up with? Who are you fighting? Is it possible there’s a passive power out there that’s causing this?

  • MoosePrime
    MoosePrime Posts: 963 Critical Contributor
    edited February 2023

    I tried with a team of Iceman, Vulture, and Ant-Man on the 4* node of today's Deadpool's Daily, against Blade, Nick Fury, and Ares, and experienced this ability cost variation.

  • Scofie
    Scofie GLOBAL_MODERATORS Posts: 1,178 Chairperson of the Boards

    Didn't it previously cost 12AP and got reduced to 8AP during a rebalance, or did I imagine that? Perhaps that is causing the old power cost to kick in?