Switching devices

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The order of operations when switching between devices needs work. Today I checked something in my alliance using my phone on the bus. I added a level to Green Goblin using shards. When I arrived at my destination I forgot I had done that, woke up my iPad to the game not shut down and was rewarded with my top 25 PvP placement. I accepted, then the game told me that I had been logged on to another device an reloaded. All my rewards were gone since the game thought it already given those to me. The worst was that game didn’t even save the things I did when using the other device.

I knew about this order glitch. I’ve deleted the game from my phone to keep from making the same mistakes. But I wish that this glitch would get fixed.


  • Bowgentle
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    It's not even a glitch, just the worst implementation of server-side saves I've ever seen.
    Every other game that syncs across devices just... does.
    This one requires you to check leaderboards, maybe even do a quick pvp or pve fight for stuff to stick.
    It's... really bad.

  • GrimSkald
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    I was told once that if you close the game it will always update the server, I experienced this problem once and that's what they told me. But you do have to remember to do that, and I agree, it's annoying to lose rewards...

  • Sekilicious
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    I’ve definitely closed the game and not had the server update, but it was likely because of internet problems. I labeled the problem order operation because if the game checked if I used another device before giving rewards then there would be no problem. I expect this will be low priority.