Greg drawing extra cards?

I was playing against Eternal of Harsh Truths. I cast 3 Lord Xander, the Collector cards. Each one makes Greg discard two cards, so his hand was empty. At the start of his next turn, he drew 6 cards! His PW ability isn't card draw, he had no supports on the board, and his only non-disabled creature was Champion of Wits (an ETB effect, and Eternalize 1). Battle Log shows nothing triggering. Is there anything in Eternal's graveyard that would allow him to fill his hand up? Or is this just proof that Greg gets extra cards?

See the video I made below. I didn't capture him drawing the cards. But I scroll through the Battle Log, so you can see my three Xanders triggering (proof his hand was empty), and see that he has nothing useful on the board.


  • ArielSira
    ArielSira Posts: 456 Mover and Shaker

    My guess would be that they are copies of The Locust God from the graveyard.

  • Tremayne
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    As @ArielSira suggest check out the locust god (and the other gods from this set). These gods return to owners hand (if there is room), seems like you have chosen a strategy that enables this to trigger multiple times every turn.