Deathlok Gaining Focus Points when Stunned

I notice that Deathlok's focus points can still increase even when he is stunned. Is that working as intended?


  • dianetics
    dianetics Posts: 762 Critical Contributor

    The wording seems like it is a bug. Because, the wording is the same as Shang Chi.
    Whenever deathlok’s team makes a red or blue match…

  • fractalvisions
    fractalvisions Posts: 225 Tile Toppler

    I also noticed another (niche) issue in the Deathlok PvP. I had him on a team with Apocalypse and Scorpion. I used Scorpion's purple to down an enemy. This should mean that I regain purple AP after downing the enemy, but I did not. I presume that the additional damage due to Deathlok's focus points means that there's some issue whereby the game thinks it's Deathlok's power that is downing the enemy rather than Scorpion's.