Guess the character... on Twitter


Hi, everyone!

Prior to the public announcement of Wong as a new character, a riddle was launched on Twitter, with supposed prizes of covers to the new character for those who guessed. But only on Twitter!

Today I saw that they did it again for another character, again only on Twitter.

Can't you make these contests in another way that all MPQ players can participate in, not just those who use Twitter?

It would be very nice, really. Thank you.

Regards, Pichegneto.-


  • DeNappa
    DeNappa Posts: 1,376 Chairperson of the Boards

    I don't see a big problem here to be honest. You can make a twitter account for free. Before, they have also done forum-only contests. I think it's all because they want as much engagement on the different channels they use to promote the game.

  • Nightglider1
    Nightglider1 Posts: 701 Critical Contributor

    It’s also on Facebook. In fact, I won first prize in the contest to guess Wong.