T10 PvE alliance has an opening

jeffsterz Posts: 51 Match Maker
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iso_crazy is a T10 PvE alliance that has an opening due to a player retiring. We actually change our alliance name to parody other T25 alliances. Currently we are 'KA Ren', last season we were 'Sanctum Claus' and the season before that, 'EF Black Socks'.

Are you a player who scores in t50 for SCL10 PvE regularly? PvP is not required, but PvE and Boss events are. We'd also be expecting you to play everyday for the daily ISO reward; however, folks do go on vacation or other life events happen. We just ask that you fill us in so that we can find temporary replacements during event end.

We communicate through LINE, so having that is mandatory. We've got some very seasoned players as well as people like myself who have only been playing more recently (2nd year).

Though we don't require PvP, we typically get T50 for the alliance anyhow. I guarantee you will see the benefits of being in this alliance almost immediately.

PM me if you are a fit.