Constant disconnects.

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I'm very frustrated by the constant disconnects in the last hour of the slices. I was in a pretty good spot, had the right characters and finished second the previous day. Then 10 disconnects and I didn't even get to finish.

I have played three different devices with same result. I have fiber optic to the house with 10mbs up and down. The devices are still connected even when your game assures me that it isn't. It also doesn't have this problems in the offtimes. I play DP Daily and it doesn't have this issue becahse I'm not playing at the end of the timeslice.

I get it, that last half hour everyone is trying to finish and apparently the server load is too much. Not my problem. You created these bottlenecks and you should increase your bandwidth to handle it.

From past experience, I know that the bottom line is all corporations care about. So let me be plain. I have played for years. Have every 5 star but 1 and 20 of those champed. All 2,3 and 4 stars champed. I have spent hundreds of dollars over time and still spend10 to 15 dollars a month. If this situation does not improve, rapidly, I will quit this game despite my time and monetary investment. I will let everyone who I know plays about this issue.

You push out characters at frenetic pace, a minimum of 24 characters a year, with dozens of monetization offers every week. [Redacted] Perhaps it would be more fruitful to focus on improving the servers so I ask that you please do so.

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    The release schedule has not changed so that is a completely moot point (unless you count the slightly erratic addition of the 3* versions).

    The game needs to make money.

    Maybe instead of making a [redacted] post lacking tact or courtesy, you go raise the issue with CS or even put a question (in a respectful manner) on the Devs Q&Q?

    You catch more flies with honey than vinegar...

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    Did you not read where i have been a VIP for years? I have paid plenty.

    This is a game as a service, it is all about making money and little else. That's fine. I've been paying. It's a game as service and I want better service.

    I also know they won't really care if I leave. i guarantee that they know the statistics for what percentage of the game population bothers with a forum post. Most will just leave and say nothing. I know that my alliance has a hard time keeping full and that never used to be a problem.

    What I'm suggesting is that instead of finding more and better ways of monetization they should spend some time on traffic analysis and deliver enough bandwidth in these time slices they insist we play in.

    Squeaky wheel gets the oil. (Gotta love dueling aphorisms.)

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    Mod note: If you are experiencing technical issues with the game, please contact Customer Service or post in the Bugs and Technical Issues forum. Additionally, while I understand the frustration technical issues may cause, please be respectful and polite, or at the very least civil, in your correspondence with others. Thank you.

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    Moved to the bugs section so someone will see it if it isn’t a personal wifi issue.

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