Spider-Man (Oscorp) Locked Countdown

When Spider-Man (Oscorp)'s blue passive locks the opponent's countdown tiles, I would assume that this would negate the effect of the countdown. Yet in the current event I had a situation where the opponent's Spider-Man placed his Spider Glider countdown, blocking my Gorr from using any powers. The next turn, my Spider-Man locked this countdown and kept it locked until I downed the opposing Spider-Man. Throughout this time Gorr was unable to use his powers so the only effect of locking the countdown was to stop it from counting down i.e. this was very counterproductive.

I also noticed a bug with the purple passive in another fight. At the point where I downed the opposing Spider-Man, he created an egg bomb, which remained on the board even though he was out of the game.


  • DeNappa
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    Wanted to report this too. Noticed it in the current PVP, there was a locked tile preventing me from firing powers.