OKTAGON Q&A Session - January 2023 *UPDATE (2/23/23)

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  • I would like to suggest some QoL updates.
  1. This one has been already brought up on the forum many times, but we're still waiting for a PW filter when choosing a PW to play an event. The PW collection already has a usable filter, why not use the same filter in the PW selection for the event?Also, I would suggest adding only/any color filter. For example, when choosing Green with "only" option, the filter will return only mono-Green PWs. Choosing White and Blue + "only" will return all Azorius PWs (without mono-White, mono-Blue and other multi-colored combos), but White and Blue + "any" - Azorius + Narset, Dakkon and Tamiyo1.
  2. Another popular demand: Standard/Legacy filter. If you build a Standard deck outside of a Standard event (which automatically removes Legacy cards), it's a bit of a nuisance to manually select the Standard sets.
  3. Card Mastery filter. We have a filter for Mastered/Unmastered cards and it was enough, until the Quests System was introduced. Some of the Journal have a quest to "Master X Rare cards" and I would really love to have an option to filter cards by their Mastery %-age, the same way we can filter the cards by their cost, but in this case we would filter from the least mastered (including unmastered) to the most mastered (including the mastered cards, but that selection can be eliminated by the already existing filter Mastered/Unmastered).
  4. This is probably the biggest want, and I only mention it because another game I play has implemented this system. Add something like "remember the last deck used" feature. Basically, whenever we the players have an event return, we could see a button like "Use my previous deck" that would automatically fill the Event Deck slot with the latest deck the player used in that event node. And if the player makes changes to the deck, the data is updated.
    Answer: Thank you so much for the detailed feedback and thank you for sharing your ideas. We have shared all points with the development team.
  • Have you ever thought about doing a limited legacy event for coalition Events like A Timeless, Voyage Rise of Adventure, Hunter x Bonder. It could be something like Seize the Day.
    Answer: Thank you for bringing this up. Yes, we have thought about it, and we did run, for example, the Coalition Event Ravnica at War for a while as a block restricted event with ORI, GRN, RNA, WAR, M20 and M21.

  • Hey all, can we get an open all packs button, trading packs for gold, gifting packs to other members or something similar for those of us who have hundreds(some have 1000+) of packs that we don't need to open because of complete card collections? They just sit there and are useless. My OCD kicks into high gear everytime I look at my vault pack numbers. A max level PW button would be great too.Thanks!
    Answer: Thank you for your feedback and for your ideas! We have shared all ideas with the development team.

Hi everyone,
How are you?
Here's another Q&A SESSION.
We will answer the questions posted by January 30th, so please send your questions and doubts HERE.
Make sure to submit only 2-3 questions maximum, this way the team is able to focus and will try to answer all questions in a given month.

Thank you for all the support,


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    (2/23/23) UPDATE - Answers
    Thank you all for participating 🧡

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    Does it really take more than three weeks to get answers like these? This is why I stopped participating.

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    Yeah the Q&A part has turned into "Lots of questions and almost no answers"

    Isn't the point of this to read the questions, discuss with the devs and get answers, then come back here and post those answers?
    There are wayyy too many instances of the generic "We shared this with the devs, thanks" responses to justify us investing any effort into this anymore..

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    Seeing as how the link to the Google form is missing in the latest one, maybe they are trying to tell us something?