DemonCavalry recruitment

Lossibob Posts: 27 Just Dropped In

Hi everyone.
DemonCavalry are looking for some active players to join our coalition.

We have a couple of spaces up for grabs.

We all have real life distractions, families, jobs, hobbies and so on, so we aren't "super-competitive" by any means. We don't expect you to play the game every day - or even every coalition event - we just ask that you take part when you can and let us know when you can't.

Despite this, we tend to finish inside the top 50 of each coalition event (just outside on rare occasions, but then, like I said, we all have other distractions).

We have an active and friendly in-game chat and we also have a discord channel for further discussions and advice. Both are open to every player whenever wanted, but neither are compulsory - we have a few players to take part regularly, but keep themselves to themselves and they're as important to our team as those members who chat almost daily.

Please feel free to drop in, try us out for a few days and ..... who knows,
you might just have found your new home.

I hope to "meet" you soon.