Ongoing PVE Break Till 1/5 and Compensation

IceIX ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 4,315 Site Admin

As you've all seen, and chatted about, we're taking a little bit of a PVE break to get everything perfectly on schedule. This break will allow us to offset Versus seasons, new character releases, and Boss Events so that we don't keep doubling up on PVE events and Boss Events. This doesn't mean that we may not do that on purpose in the future, but it won't be a matter of the event auto-scheduler just kind of throwing one in there.

A result of this offset is that obviously, you've got a PVE break for a couple of days. There's still the 12 Days of Marvel, SHIELD for Abomination, and Deadpool Dailies to play, so there's still PVE content, just not a competitive event. The knock on to this though is that you're not getting the rewards that you'd be pulling from a PVE event. So we've decided to toss out a bit of compensation so that you don't get behind in your Iso and HP runs. Tomorrow we'll be gifting out:

  • 200 Hero Points
  • 10000 Iso-8
  • 1 New Dev Vault Token
  • 2 Mighty Tokens

This should give a good balance of rewards for most players compared to what they'd normally be getting, including a shot at some pretty nice rewards in the New Dev Vault. Hope you enjoy the rewards, and the little break!