SHIELD Resupply out of rewards

xidragonxi Posts: 253 Mover and Shaker

Screenshot is from an alliance mate of mine but you can see at around the 3,355 day mark there just aren’t any rewards left in the pipeline. Please update this!


  • Sekilicious
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    Moving this to bugs to make sure someone sees it

  • Dougfresh413
    Dougfresh413 Posts: 125 Tile Toppler

    Yes, I am seeing this too. On day 3,355 myself. Only missed two days since the beginning of shield resupply so I definitely think this is an issue of devs not updating the rewards list. Can you blame them though?? They've been a little busy making tons of other updates

  • colin
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    I'm on day 3360 and it's a barren wasteland

  • DevpoolMPQ_BCS
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    We are addressing this issue and should be rolling out a fix relatively soon. Thanks folks.

  • jkzl
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    Thanks for all you do!