Champion Reward Feeder Updates - Live 12/22

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Minor update: Pulled Punisher's change off, he's sticking with Deathlok. I was looking at an older sheet that was pre-new-characters changing the overall feeders.

Doing a double batch this week, so instead of one set on 12/22 and another on 12/29, we'll be doing all of them this Thursday!

Champion Rewards Updates
Character - Primary / Secondary, updates in BOLD
All changes will result in retroactive rewards

Black Widow (Original) - Black Widow (Grey) / Mystique
Moonstone - The Hulk (Indestructible) / Sentry

Black Widow (Grey) - Black Widow (IW) / Nick Fury
Blade (Daywalker) - Blade (Modern) / Elsa Bloodstone
Bullseye (Classic) - Kingpin / Scorpion
Doctor Doom - Invisible Woman / Super Skrull
Doctor Strange - Mordo / Nova
Gamora (GotG) - Gamora (Vol 2) / Mantis
The Hood - Ghost Rider / Prowler
The Hulk (Indestructible) - The Hulk (Main Event) / The Hulk (Totally Awesome)
Rocket & Groot (Most Wanted) - Rocket & Groot (Vol 2) / Drax
Sam Wilson (Falcon) - Sam Wilson (Captain America) / Winter Soldier
Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) - Hulkling / Wiccan
Thanos (Modern) - Thanos (Endgame) / Nebula

Drax - Ronan
Elsa Bloodstone - Gargantos
Gamora (Vol 2) - Gamora (Deadliest)
The Hulk (Main Event) - The Hulk (Bruce Banner)
Iron Fist (Danny Rand) - Shang Chi
Polaris - Havok
Rhino - Big Wheel
Sam Wilson (Captain America) - Heimdall
Scorpion - Electro
Star-Lord (Outlaw) - Star-Lord (Vol 2)
Thanos (Endgame) - Thanos (Mad Titan)