Release Notes 6.0.0

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Meld and Melded

This card can flip when the right conditions are met.

Meld hint

This card Melds when you cast its associated card (displayed on the card text).

Melds hint

This card is a combination of two other cards.

Melded hint

Meld is an evergreen that denotes a given card as capable of being transformed into its flip side once another specific card with this same evergreen is cast. If that happens, both cards transform into only one card with the Melded evergreen which means the card is a combination of other 2 specific cards. If any of the cards with Meld are cast while the related Melded card is in play, the Meld card will not come into play and the Melded card will be reinforced. While this mechanic is not new to Magic: Puzzle Quest, it went through a change since its last appearance. Now, Meld can work with Creature and Support cards (previously, it was a creature exclusive mechanic in Magic: Puzzle Quest).



New Planeswalkers

Saheeli, Filigree Master

A brilliant inventor, the Planeswalker Saheeli Rai used her mastery over metal to re-create the Golgothian Sylex with the intent to use it against the Phyrexian army invading Dominaria. Unable, however, to activate it, she will use her inventor abilities to build and maintain the Temporal Anchor, an artifact needed to learn how to to defy Phyrexia itself.



(Colorless) Creature - Thopter Construct Artifact (1/1) Flying, Token

Filigree Mastery

(Blue, Red) Support Card - Emblem (2) Token, Resilient.

At the beginning of your turn: Reduce the cost of Artifact cards in your hand by X. Your first Artifact creature gets +X/+X. X is this support's shield.

Teferi, Temporal Pilgrim

The planeswalker Teferi Akosa is a chronarch, a wizard capable of altering the flow of time. To find out how to activate the Golgothian Sylex for the fight against Phyrexia, he used a device named Temporal Anchor to travel back in time to find the moment when the Sylex was first activated. Will Teferi’s abilities allow him to gather this knowledge amidst the Brothers’ War?

Passive Ability

Wisdom of the Past

When you draw a card during your turn: Gain 1 Loyalty. This effect can trigger up to 2 time(s) per turn.


Ghost of Wars Past

(Blue) Creature Card (2/2) Token, Level

Resourceful 1: This creature gets +X/+X. X is this card's Level.

Urza, Lord Protector/Urza Planeswalker

Before becoming a planeswalker, Urza was a brilliant artificer who engaged in a decades long war with his own brother. The explosion of the Golgothian Sylex that ended the war and changed Dominaria forever also awakened Urza’s spark, granting him power beyond his imagination.

Passive Ability

Impending Ignition

When you activate a loyalty ability for the first time during your turn: If you're playing with Urza, Lord Protector - If you control a card named Urza, Lord Protector and a card named The Mishtstone and Weakstone - Tag with Urza, Planeswalker. Otherwise: Draft a card from Urza's spellbook. If you're playing with Urza, Planeswalker - Gain an extra swap. You may activate a Loyalty ability again this



Artifact Soldier

(Colorless) Creature Card (1/1) Token

New Events

This time the events will take a little longer to be released. All Revolving Planeswalk events will get an update and a new Coalition PVP event will be released, probably in January 2023.


  • Added Bonus Rewards in the following events for the holiday season:

  • You've Found an Entrance changes:

  • Avacyn's Madness changes:

  • Nodes of Power changes:

  • Updated Bonus Rewards in the Holiday Showdown event:


  • Fixed the issue where the game suffered a soft lock after a creature with given first strikes died in the combat turn.
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes the game soft locks when the board was full of Snow Gems, and some change occurred.

Card Gallery:

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