First Real Planeswalker Buy After Liliana Help


I can get Nicol bolas dragon god for 850 or kiora Master Of The Depths on sale for 422

Or let me know if i should go another route.
I have Nissa Sage Animist at level 42 and Liliana Defiant Necromancer at 44


  • Anarchangel
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    Save crystals for the multicolor Planeswalker sale which should be in two weeks. Get Dakkon. Don't bother with the mono sale next week either; you need to cover as much ground as possible if you have few PWs.

  • PaladinRobin
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    Hey! This is PaladinRobin from the Planeswalker Coach YouTube channel. A little while ago, I did a 4-part coaching guide that provides some simple steps I take when evaluating planeswalkers. I think this guide will help answer your question and also help you develop a framework for evaluating planeswalkers in the future. Enjoy.