Game resetting mid-fight

Twice today, I was playing pvp matches and the game reset mid match. Kicked me out like there was a data push right in the middle of the match. I'm playing on a Samsung s21, Android version 13.


  • Mrkt_712
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    I have the same problem. I'm playing on Samsung and latest Android version. But after yesterday update, the game is frequently crashes and kicks me out both pve and pvp. It's really annoying

  • Psylesque
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    Happened to me countless times in the past 24hrs, frustrating doesn't begin to cover it. In fact game resets itself even when not playing - I left it idle for a few minutes, it simply shut down and restarted itself.

  • Pichegneto
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    Hi, I'm having the exact same issue. The game resets itself out of nowhere, in mid-game or even if I'm not playing. I play on Samsung Galaxy J1, Android OS.

  • leigh1028
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    Update: now I can't leave the game at all without it resetting and it resets on its own even when I'm looking at leaderboards. Also, seeing the pop up above.

  • 67IronMan
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    Playing on Samsung Tablet and same problem of game closing mid-match. When I restart, the characters have taken damage like when you retreat from a match.

  • Trompelamort
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    Same here on my galaxy note 10. 3 times today again.

  • itsuka7
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    According to my husband who plays on Android tablet, the problem occurred every time he was being attacked in pvp, or getting a notification in game for that.

  • Sekilicious
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    I going to post this link here.
    This problem should be resolved with Version 2.7. Let me know if it isn’t.

  • leigh1028
    leigh1028 Posts: 3 Just Dropped In

    After the 267 update, I was able to Uninstall and reinstall the game and it seems to have fixed my issues. Playing on s21.