OKTAGON Q&A Session - December 2022 *UPDATE (1/17/23)

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  1. Hi! :) my question is about navigating all the cards for deck building. as a relatively new player, the mastered card list makes it easy for me to find the cards I use often, but I struggle to find ones I've use in the past for one off events and secondary goals. as I get more cards, finding the ones I want will only get harder. Is there a chance we could perhaps get a feature to tag 25-50 favorite cards per colour so that mastered or not, we can always find the ones we want from a favorites list without having to hunt through 100s or 1000s of cards? thank you for your time and consideration, I really enjoy what you've made of this game so far! :)
    Answer: Thank you for sharing this lovely idea with us. We share it with the rest of the team and it will certainly be taken into account. Thank you for your interest and feedback.

  2. Let's add some more block-restricted events to the game! Seize The Day is a well-enjoyed event due to the novelty of the format as well as the good prizes. Can we add more event with this format to the game? Not only would they promote new deck building challenges to keep the players engaged, but you don't even need to build new cards for the game. You can just create events out of older card sets.
    Answer: All the team loved this idea! We can't promise that it will be done for now but we are thinking about an event with this type of restriction. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, we really appreciate it.

  3. Are there any plans to create pauper/peasant-restricted events? I think it would be a great way to make more use of cards that would otherwise never be used in most other circumstances. And not just as an event objective, but a separate event where you're unable to use cards with high rarity, to even the playing field.
    Answer: Thanks for the interest! We can't promise anything for now, but the team likes the idea and is willing to try it out as soon as possible. Thank you for taking the time to share this great idea with us!

  • When submitting questions, please keep a friendly tone. Unfortunately, we have received some rude messages lately. We know that sometimes some problems can be frustrating, but we assure you that we are doing our best to guarantee a good game for all our players. We appreciate everyone's understanding and interest in making this game even better!

Hi everyone,
How are you?
Here's another Q&A SESSION.
We will answer the questions posted by December 30th, so please send your questions and doubts HERE.
Make sure to submit only 2-3 questions maximum, this way the team is able to focus and will try to answer all questions in a given month.

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    (1/17/23) UPDATE - Answers
    Thank you all for participating 🧡, the January Q&A has already started here.

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    I like the tagged card idea, but an overall revamp of the card search would be great

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    As for the block restricted event, how about a From The Vault II? I vote Mirrodin block (Mirrodin, Darksteel, Fifth Dawn). Just maybe do it like you did the second Duel Decks and make the cards playable during the current standard. All those artifacts and artifact lands would play really well right now.

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    Card rarity restricted event would be really good for newer players to even the playing field. Like no mythics or masterpieces. See a lot of frustration from newer players playing legacy events that get killed by omni loop decks and my only answer is, that's how it is.

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    I definitely would like to see more options for card search filters. Like why on earth can’t I filter for only cards in standard? If I want to build a standard deck, I have to enter a standard event to get the proper sets filtered. I would also like to see a “sort by closest to mastery” or something like that, so that I can find rare cards to master for the “master x rare cards” quests.

    I also would like to see events which use pauper or peasant objectives, or “use cards with X casting cost or less/greater” as universally enforced event rules rather than objectives. It is really frustrating to play these restrictive objectives in a PvP event, only to get steamrolled and rofl-stomped by someone who has a deck full of MP and mythic cards of the wrong casting cost. Those players aren’t meeting objectives so they won’t win the ranking rewards, but they can definitely knock you out of the running for rewards as well.