Character Update - Black Panther (King of Wakanda) (12/1)

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Black Panther, the King of Wakanda, has gained a bit of an upgrade to his vibranium suit. As well as having a new retro look available, he's sharpened up his claws and refined his protective martial arts to become the best King of Wakanda he can be!

Protector of Wakanda - 7 Yellow AP
Creates a 2 turn Yellow Repeater tile that creates 2-3 (random) Strike, Attack, or Protect tiles of strength 25-113. If there is another ally in the fight, Fortify those tiles. If two other allies are in the fight, generate tiles of strength 38-171. (Max level 49-221, 73-329 strength)
Update: Yellow Repeater tile is now Fortified.

Kinetic Shield - 8 Blue AP
Create 2-4 strength 21-64 Fortified Protect tiles.
(PASSIVE) Whenever you match a friendly Protect tile, deal 32-134 damage for each friendly Protect tile on the board (up to 8) (max level strength 41-125, 63-265 damage)
Update: Passive now deals damage on any Protect tile matched or destroyed

By Tooth and Claw - 10 Red AP
Deals 660-2772 damage and increase strength of Fortified SAP tiles by 35-147 (max level 1285-5397 damage, 68-286 increase)
Update: Level 70 base damage increased to 824, scalar updated for increased damage at max level. This reduces level 70 damage to 2142 at level 5, but causes level 270 damage to increase to 3014-7836.
Update 2: Standard SAP tiles are also increased by 50% of the Fortified tile increase.