Is Chasm's "stun enemy team on start" still breaking things?

DeNappa Posts: 1,362 Chairperson of the Boards

I was fighting a match against Chasm in the Army of One PVP.

Even though I had fired Yellowjacket's blue power (making him invisible and adding a bunch of damage to his matches and powers) it didn't seem to work when I most needed (and expected) it, losing me the match because it didn't finish off Chasm (where it would have if the damage bonus had been active).


  • TheXMan
    TheXMan Posts: 131 Tile Toppler

    Yes, Chasm appears to break Yellowjacket black and blue powers

  • DevpoolMPQ_BCS
    DevpoolMPQ_BCS ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 131 Tile Toppler

    Hey guys! We have investigated and resolved a number of Chasm x Yellowjacket bugs today (including this one) that will be coming to you in the next patch. Thanks!