Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hello everybody,
Last year I asked you what you were grateful for, and I got some great answers. But then this year, I started thinking: what are we grateful for?
And I think I speak for the entire team when I say that we are grateful for you.
So this time, we won't have challenges or competitions, and we won't even create cards or planeswalkers together (although I think our creations are the best).
This time I'm going to use this space just to say thank you.
So, thanks to you who have been playing this game for 1 day or who have been here for almost 7 years. By the way, the game's anniversary is coming up (12/10/2022) 🥳 .
Thank you for supporting this game and this team with feedback, bug reports, and sweet messages.
Thank you for being patient when we make mistakes.
Thank you for giving us every day a chance to learn and develop.
And most of all, thank you for being such a sweet and loving community.
We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! 🧡


  • Scrounger
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    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at Oktagon. You've made a great game. I'm grateful for that.

  • ArielSira
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    In regards to the game this year I am thankful for listening to us and the quick changes you guys make. For example the 10/5/5 request for the new event, or the requested change in Phyrexian gems. It makes a big difference to feel heard.

    And I can't forget the first run of The Ultimate Planeswalk, the completionist in me is thankful for that.

  • Tezzeret
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    Man that comment aged me hard. Ive Been playing since day one.... cant believe its been 7 years of this game. I play this game more than every playstation and xbox game combined. And i hope i get to play for another 7 years.
    Thank you!