Alliance Updates

We desperately need to update alliances to allow for maintenance of them. We need to enable kicking Commanders, even if it's an ability only the Alliance creator can do. Also, can we please see the play status of Commanders too? We have Commanders in our Alliance that no longer play, but we're stuck with them unless we create a new Alliance. That's not cool.

Notifications for alliance chat or team up requests would be a nice feature too. Please give us some alliance maintenance love!

Thank you for years of enjoyment!


  • Persephone
    Persephone Posts: 198 Tile Toppler

    Two questions.
    1) Is there a reason why someone would suddenly become a commander without being told beforehand?
    2) What if the above-mentioned person did not want to be a commander?

  • Measles
    Measles Posts: 1 Just Dropped In

    Agreed, there needs to be a better way to be able to remove Commanders who either no longer play, or just don't contribute knowing they can't be kicked out with the current dynamics of the game.
    A checks and balances should be addressed. Some alliances are competitive, and having someone (Commander or not) fail to contribute ruins the fun.