Active Story - Private Alliance (One open spot)

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Alliance: Active Story

Our alliance was started in 2015 with the goal of collecting a group of daily, active members to get consistent results. 7+ years later and we're still going strong.

In 2022 we went private. Each member works hard to reach our point goals set on every event. There's always tons of alliance rewards given for our placement (usually t100-120). We are building to be T100. Being a private alliance gives us the opportunity to ensure anyone we invite to join our well running machine is a good fit to also consistently reach those goals.

We're currently recruiting for one spot. Check out my post in the alliance recruiting thread for details.

This thread is for alliance chat or notifications outside of the game.

On a personal note, I'm on daily login #1944 as of today. In my 5+ years, this is the best, most consistent and solid alliance I've been a part of. My goal being a commander is to make sure that every member of this alliance shares those feelings.


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    Nicely said, Cthulhu! As former commander of our cool alliance and - after a short break - now "basic" member, I can only confirm your words. I've been through several alliances in my time with MPQ and this is by far the nicest alliance I've joined. :)

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    A short message for everone - we're back to public again. Our members, that are already part of this forum can contact each other here or send a private message to me! ;)