Deny and restrain hate thread

JackGunner Posts: 12 Just Dropped In

I hate deny and restrain more and more.
Before that the players hated about Omniscience or wizard class. At least you don't control and just sit back

Now I don't gain any mana from non-blue match.
When I planned to cast anything (mostly solution) matching blue, it is discarded. It is so frustrating!

Anyone has the same hate as me?



  • Tremayne
    Tremayne Posts: 1,594 Chairperson of the Boards

    The mechanic is definitely strong, particularly if the deck is designed to pump out the maximum number of time bubbles, so you don’t have any options to avoid loosing the card(s) you had expected to cast on your turn.

    The funny part is that the player base have asked for a mechanic similar to this for years. Strangely enough the players asked for a specific implementation (insidious will), but Oktagon did this instead.

    I haven’t encountered this very often, so I do not hate it yet, but I understand the frustration you are describing.

  • jtwood
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    I rarely - if ever - lose to Deny builds, so it's not been an issue that has really dragged me down so far. It is frustrating to play against, but all blue denial cards in every variant of Magic have always been that way. To that extent, they captured the flavor very well.

  • FindingHeart8
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    Yeah it's a "you may not lose, but it'll take you 30 more minutes to win," playstyle.