Game Improvement Ideas


MPQ is a great game & Broken Circle has been doing good things and moved the game back into a positive direction, so thanks! Some thoughts/ suggestions I've listed below:

1) Lock people into ally every PvE event, similar to Boss events.

PvE is very competitive and imo, the best part of the game. However, I guess don't understand the point of having ally's when people can move their scores around at anytime. This doesn't promote teamwork and negates the whole point of being part of an ally team. In essence, the game could do away with ally's and just assign all the top scores to the top ally ranks based on their scores. (Hahahha, although, I guess a side benefit of doing it this way would be that it would be easier for the mods to investigate the speed hacks being used). Locking people into a specific ally at the start of PvE would bring meaning back to being part of a team. It encourages people to "sink or swim" as a team.

2) Add a SIM/ gauntlet every season that uses all seal/various-lvl npc teams that a person could farm for low rewards.

It could have separate 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5* nodes that have randomly generated npc teams. This would be a great way for (a) people to test out different teams against various opponents in a low-risk test environment without sacrificing competive placement, (b) allow people to farm low level rewards, (c) a fun event for people to kill time that doesn't have placement rewards.

3) Increase the game speed for everyone so that speed hacks provide no advantage.

Have an option for competive players to disable all speed killers (i.e. Banners, seeing cascade actions, reward pop-ups, etc. - basically anything that using a speed hack can provide a "cheat value" to a player).

4) Develop/ buff a RPS ("Rock, Paper, Scissors") character that negates Chasm OP.

The recent buff to Silver Surfer was an encouraging attempt as a RPS to Chasm, however, the idea failed due to a couple things: (a) Surfer's 12 black cost is still WAY too high to be able to negate Chasm's AP steal. Maybe reduce it to 8 and see how that plays out. After all, If that ends up being too low, it can always be increased afterwards. (b) No way was provide for newer players to be able to acquire him other than classic LTs, which is so diluted that it provides zero benefit for people to pull from classic LTs. Rather than rostering classics, there's a much higher benefit to hoarding to max champ latest OP 5*. (c) Chasm (and his iHulk counterpart has taken over PvP) seems like it would be a decently easy character to RPS. I feel like all the RPS would need is (i) Prevents team & reduces match damage, (ii) Prevents AP theft from either team, (iii) Kills Regen abilities against both friend & allys (iv) is immune to stun. Make them all passive abilities. By making them prevent AP theft by either team & Kills regen abilities on both sides, it would prevent people from using them with Chasm & discourage people from using them all the time, thus increasing RPS play in SIM & PvP.

5) Implement a better way to acquire 5* classic characters.

The recent focus on redesigns are great, however, there isn't a reasonable way to acquire them. The classic 5* vault is so diluted that the vault is basically irrelevant to players at this point. There are several easy seeming options that could fix this/ make pulling classics more palatable: (a) Change the 5* classics vault so that it "features" certain 5* over a limited time period, for example, change the classics vault so that it instead features specific 3x5* every week (similar to how they change the weekly boosted). There are currently 72 "classic" 5*, by changing up the 5* classics vault/ or even adding a separate featured 3x5* classics vault every week, that means that all characters will have increased chances to being pulled 1.5-2 times over the year (by "increased chances", I mean that people wouldn't face the same dilution issues that classics have currently when they pull them, thus allowing people to somewhat prioritize the 5* they pull for. It would also help make the 5* buffs that are being done more relevant, (b) Increase the 5* pull rate odds of the classics so instead of being 1:7 odds, reduce it to say 1:4 odds of pulling a 5*. While this is a decent option, this method wouldn't be as good as option (a) above, it would be a great option to be used in conjunction with option (a) in the situation that option (a) was done through a new vault.

These are some of the main "big" ideas that I believe would be great additions to mpq and improve the game overall. Thank you


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    These are all great ideas and I would guess the devs are working on (4) already. (1) has a lot of merit but I think it needs a little tweak (not sure what) to allow for people taking a break from an event, without affecting their teams overall scores. But I guess you could also say, that's just part of the game and a lower alliance result once in awhile is nothing in the grand scheme of things. :smile: