Proposal for "Play when you want" PVE



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    @Itsmeabxab said:
    I love this idea! I’ve always wanted a mode where you play endless waves. Instead of 3 waves of three, make it 100 waves of three and see how long you can last. Maybe up the levels each wave until they’re level 600 or something at the final wave.

    Hey I do like the idea of endless waves too! It would be great if they add something like that as a separate mode. :) My proposal here though is more of a modification of the existing PVE structure.

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    I am not keen on this idea. It would result in much worse placement for me. I don’t play quickly or optimally. However, I do join just after a flip. This gives me a point advantage in the first sub. I rely on that for top 100 placing most of the time. For every player that benefits from this another will be worse off.

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    We got some response from the devs in the December Q&A on this topic. Thanks for asking @Mrcl25!

    @Mrcl25 [Forums]
    Question 1: Is there any progress on the idea of a more flexible pve, where you can start at any time in a 24h frame? This thread has some great ideas:

    Answer: We've been reading over the thread and talking internally about things, and it's definitely on our list of things to tackle, but it won't be near term. Right now the biggest discussion is whether to further codify the speed meta, but make it easier to play any time, or to do "something else" so that it's not all about clearing fast/minumum turns. We're not sure where we land there yet.

    I'm satisfied with the answer from the devs. And thank you @IceIX for the acknowledgment! My proposal is more in the "further codify the speed meta, but make it easier to play any time" camp, but I would personally be very happy with "something else" too. My intent all this time is to try to push for quality of life changes that greatly reduce the impact of competitive PVE on real-life schedules and concerns. I don't really care if it's my proposal; it's just one idea. I would just love to play PVE competitively without worrying about my calendar too!

    From the answer, I can see that the devs are giving some thought on this, at the very least. :) And any changes for improving quality of life are going to result in a shake-up in the leaderboards, no more what.