Let us buy any card, anytime with $$$

All this chasing of cards is just tedious, please, let every card in the game be available for purchase anytime with cash.
Price them according to their rarity with Mythics $20, Legendaries $15, Rare $10, Uncommon $5 and Common $2.
But you get the idea.
Think of the money you'll make... because some people love collecting cards.


  • purvisa
    purvisa Posts: 7 Just Dropped In

    I have to disagree. This will put people who are willing to spend money in a position to get every card they want, and get those cards immediately. The resulting decks will be (if I may be charitable, given the actual performance of decks where money has been spent on opposing PWs, anyway) enough to drive down participation. The result will be a shrinking active base, resulting in fewer chances to sell.

    I’ve seen this cycle play out in games of various types online for 30 years. No, not all are about money, but they all have the same rich-kid issues.