Fix a 5* - Silver Surfer (surfs up?)

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Im continuing where the former poster left off. Basically, there are a bunch of 5*s that seem not up to par and may not even be good during their boost week. Should they rebalanced? Should they be buffed? How should they buffed? Well let’s get this back up starting with……


Here’s a rundown of his abilities. (Baby champed at level 450)

Perfect Being - for 9 blue AP, restore roughly 1/4th of his hp. Create 3 charged tiles of a chosen color at level 3, create 4 at level 5. 

Passive - Cannot be stunned

Cosmic Beam - for 7 red AP, deal 9513 damage at level 5 and create 3 charged tiles.

Silver Singularity - for 12 black AP, chose a basic tile that turns into a 3-turn Black hole tile that destroys 4/5 tiles surrounding it each turn. dealing damage and generating AP. When the Black hole reaches 0, deal 5725 at level 3, deal 8245 at level 5. 

His strongest colors are

blue (586)
red (521)
black (456)

My thoughts and analysis

Silver Surfer was one of the first 5*s ever released……. And boy does he look like it.did you know he’s actually been rebalanced before? Yeah. He was even worse than now. And now….. we’ll just  Imagine Phoenix before her rebalance…… but with worse active powers. That’s this guy. His match damage is godawful for a 5*. His damage on the red is….. barely passable. His blue is pricey for what it does. It’s a true heal though, that’s good. His black…. Very expensive for a 3-turn, unmatchable CD (which is what black hole really is. It’s a CD that counts down, that just can’t be matched) When it explodes the damage is meh as well. The only reason to use this guy at this point in time is because he can’t be stunned. But because he’s so weak…… why bother? He creates charge tiles….. but doesn’t take advantage of them at all. There’s no self synergy. 

My Suggestions

- pump up the match damage
- pump up the health

Blue power - make it all passive. Consume 6 blue AP when health reaches less than 1/4 of maximum health and if one doesn’t exist create a 1-turn repeater that restores 1/6 of the maximum health each turn and creates 3/4 charged tiles in random colors And of course, keep the stun immunity. 

Red power - for 7 AP select 3 tiles and convert them into charged tiles. Then deal 9815 damage plus 3750 for each color of charged tile on the field.

black power - this will be a new power. Black hole was dumb. SS could survive a black hole but I don’t remember him creating one (correct me if I’m wrong).. And why the silver surfer doesn’t have a power with his board is beyond me. So my suggestion would be to change this power to….

Surf’s Up - Silver Surfer traverses the galaxies at a speed far beyond the speed of light upon his board. For 10 AP destroy all the charged tiles in a chosen row dealing damage and generating AP.

If you destroy more than 4 charged tiles in a row with this power, destroy another random row, dealing damage and generating AP for all the basic and charged tiles destroyed. Then generate 2 red AP, 3 blue AP, and 3 black AP. 

Those are my suggestions. What do you think? How would you change Silver Surfer to make him move up from the bottom of the 5* tier pile?