Advice needed on how to deal with a mistake

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So, I was opening Sweet Tacos to get some more HP and I must have clicked on the 10-pack, because I saw the Fast-Forward pop up (easy mistake to make).
I've send a message to CS, but with it being weekend I don't expect an answer before Monday... when the Taco vault resets.

Now, do I empty the Taco vault, like I was planning on or should I leave it until I hear from CS? FYI: used 211 tokens so far and have enough tokens left to empty the vault.


  • Scofie
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    I did that before due to falling asleep whilst clicking opening tokens so I feel your pain. I didn't think of contacting Cs though! 

    Personally I'd empty the vault. Best case is they give you the HP back and remove 10 Tacos. Worst case is that there is nothing they can do, but emptying the vault gives you the HP anyway to cover for the error. 

    If you don't empty it, I'm not sure they can give you the contents as some are are random. But if they could best case is a above. Worst case is you "wasted" 89 Tacos.

    Taco vaults seem complex from a dev perspective so I'd think more worst case about the outcome...

    Hope it works out for you. 
  • Xax
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    One time my 4 year old opened some LLs that I wasn't ready to open. CS offered to roll my account back to the most recent point they could but it was like 2 weeks prior and I would have lost a lot more progress than just the opened LLs so I chose not to roll back and watch more closely when my son has my phone. 
  • doom_decrees_it
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    I accidentally bought a 40x pack of a taco vault. Emailed CS. They told me it was my fault and to kick rocks, as usual. So I wouldn't hold out much hope that they'll do anything for you. 

    I wish to God they'd redesign the stupid slow "vault" graphic/gimmick so you don't have to cap 5x to get it open quicker instead of the sloooow  graphic load.
  • Borstock
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    I wouldn't expect help from CS.