Boss Event End Time

The nodes for boss events are unlocked once every 8 hours. This seems fairly reasonable since most players who aren't too busy at the time of the event can probably find some point within each 8 hour window to play (perhaps missing one or two) no matter their timezone. What bugs me is that the final refresh only happens 4 hours before the end of the event. Why is that? In my timezone that's 2-6am - hardly a convenient time. Why not extend the event for another 4 hours so that the last time window is as long as the others?


  • CouchPanda
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    I agree as im in the same situation regarding the time zone, I guess for others it’s fits much better but on all the boss events like this do they choose where the largest fan base is located and set it to that. Could really have done it on slices like the regular PVE events to make it fairer as I’ll come up 60k short of getting the max personal reward on the demastered event after having completed the remastered one.

    majority of guys in my alliance will hit both but they are based in US I think

  • ThaRoadWarrior
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    That 4 hours puts it ending at midnight US Eastern, I’m sure that was the driver for the original cutoff. Not sure it’s immutable now that the dev team is somewhere else. Are the somewhere else? I guess I’ve never looked.
  • JimboJambo
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    I really hope the devs will look at this, I can't see any good reason for that last refresh only being 4 hours. Maybe one to mention in the next FAQ. I was planning on waking up at 2am to do some more clears if we hadn't collected all the rewards. Fortunately my awesome alliance have got us there so now I can sleep. I know there are plenty of alliances that are still battling away though. Please devs, we love the game but sleep is also a good thing!
  • Bowgentle
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    edited October 2022
    Man you guys would have loved OG PVE.
    Refresh every 8 hours, 2/3 events ending at 6am CET, all new release events ending at 6am CET.
    If you were in Europe, weil, tough luck. 
    Before they settled on 8 hour refreshes, we had fun stuff like 2:33 I think? It's been a while.
    And rubberbanding.

    That's where the boss end time comes from, too, 6am CET.
  • turbomoose
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    I’ve always thought this , I live in the uk so the final rotation is at 1am and unless I’m awake due to a night shift I don’t get to do it 

    lately our alliance has been able to finish well before so it’s not been a problem but events like civil war and now murderworld are very high scores and an extra few hours would have allowed us to complete level 8 
  • Polares
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    Agreed, the end times are HORRIBLE for the people in Europe. I lost the option of getting the 375 Emma shards because of this, while other people in my Alliance (living in the USA) got them. NOT COOL.

    For regular events it is not that bad as we almost always are done before the last round, but for these overlapped boss events and for less strong alliances this is a BIG deal.
  • DeNappa
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    Has been the case forever. Created a thread a few years back, but it was never addressed or even acknowledged by the devs. Hope the new devs can fix this finally.