Urza Assembles the Titans won't cast [Investigating]

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Whenever this card gets to full mana, it stays red as if it can't find a target. I've tried it against different planeswalkers. I have Vanguards in my deck so it isn't a 'no target' glitch.
I'm using it in PMA Ajani. There is always room in hand so that isn't the problem either, and room on the board for a token.


  • BongoTheGrey
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    This exact same issue is happening with Urza's Saga. The card wont cast. It is disabled in your hand and wont be cast ever during the game.

    Please fix this @Oktagon_Support
  • spellsmasher
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    I have the same issue, I did get it to cast with Dakkon"s third, but could not cast it. 
  • Magic:PQ Support Team
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    Hello guys,

    Thank you for all the information provided, this issue will be investigated!
    If you have any additional information that you consider relevant, please don't hesitate to send me 😊


  • BongoTheGrey
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    Yes, I'd like to add that after some testing you can get both cards into the battlefield with effects that fetch them directly to the battlefield.

    For example, Urza's Saga can be brought into the battlefield with Soul of Windgrace which fetches it directly to the battlefield bypassing your hand.
    Same with Urza Assembles the Titans. You can bring it into the battlefield with Brilliant Restoration or with Dakkon's third ability.

    The issue with both of those sagas (Urza Assembles the Titans and Urza's Saga) is that if you have them in your hand and fill them with mana the game won't allow you to cast it. So the problem has something to do with the casting process once the card has full mana
  • Mestre
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    am i doing something wrong or this is not working, anyone else? URZAS SAGA don't works!

  • Machine
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    I've had the same issue with the white March card from the NEO expansion. I had it to level 17 in my hand, my opponent had several cheap creatures on the board, but it just wouldn't cast. Maybe it's a related issue @Oktagon_Support . If not, I can create a new report if you like.